Felica care is first of a kind pet platform in India which is providing pet profiling for your furry companions. Our team of pet experts curate a pet profile depending upon the pet’s breed, weight, age, allergies, health condition, activity levels and behaviour and recommend what are the best products available in the market.
24x7 access to Vets and Experts

24x7 access to Vets and Experts

Customized health reports

Customized health reports

Late night virtual assistance

Late night virtual assistance

Interactive Mobile application

Interactive Mobile application

Felica Care


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What kind of advice does Felica give?

Diet, Changing food, exercises

From picking the right food during their puppy stage to changing the diet while transforming to an adult, our experts will assist you in every step.

Diet, Changing food, exercises

In general, a happy pet is one that is clean. No hair in the eyes, clean fur and skin, trimmed nails, and clean teeth all contribute to a happier and more well-behaved pet.

Wellness and behavioural issues

Canine owners frequently misunderstand or mishandle dog behaviour issues. Perhaps you're new to dog parenthood, thinking about adopting a dog, or simply want to assist your dog with a problem. Many of these difficulties may be avoided or controlled with a firm foundation of obedience training. We offer behavioural mentors for your dogs to help you with this.

Wellness and behavioural issues
Do’s and Dont’s

What are the typical and atypical do’s and dont’s we should follow when we adopt a pup.

Do’s and Dont’s

Supplements can really help improve the quality of life for the dogs. We suggest and curate what are the best supplements required for your furry companion.


We believe every dog is unique and each one has different nutritional levels. For instance, nutritional levels required for rottweilers are different when compared to a Labrador. So, our in-house vets and nutritionists will prepare a diet chart according to your dogs breed & age.


Why Felica Care?

Most pet parents spends tens of thousands of rupees before getting a right product which is suitable for your furry pal?

Let Felica care tackle this issue –

As pet parents, we often welcome a new pet into our lives but struggle to comprehend their requirements. Our canine companion might be allergic to the certain brand shampoo you're using to bathe him, causing him skin irritations. However, as pet owners, we worry and begin looking for the finest veterinarian in town. But is it worth it to pay thousands of rupees simply to discover the name of the appropriate shampoo for your pet? Is it, however, truly worth thousands of rupees just to get the right dog food for your pet? We are here to make your life easier. We are a group of pet experts, behavioural specialists, and veterinarians that will advise you on what is best for your beloved friend.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Felica Care?

Felica Care is a service provided by the Felica team to profile your pet's requirements in detail. We recommend or compile the greatest products for your pet, keeping our furry companions' best interests in mind.

Every pet is unique, just like people. Although they are members of the same species, their needs and adaptations are somewhat different. Two dogs of the same breed, for example, may respond differently to various shampoos. One of them can be allergic to a certain meal, while the other would enjoy the same. One pet may appreciate a certain brand of pet food while another may be allergic to it.

That's where Felica's assistance comes in. We are a group of specialists and veterinarians dedicated to delivering better care for your pet. Because “we care”.

Our team is qualified to provide tailored recommendations according to your pets age, breed, weight, health issues, allergies. Our team can advise on pet behavioral issues, grooming issues, diet, diet changing exercise, activity levels, nutritional levels. Please note that in critical or emergency cases, visit your local vet immediately.

You'll get tailored solutions in 24 hours after we get your pet's information.

Even though we provide professional service and have a team of experts to give you premium service, our service in no way replaces the medical advice provided by your local veterinarian. If the issue is extremely serious, it's always beneficial to have a second viewpoint.

Currently we are providing tailored services to dogs, will cater to cat parents soon

For The Real Pets - Creating a healthy, standard and unique lifestyle for our Pets. Tell your dog we said,”Hi!”

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