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Each of our all-in-one subscription boxes is customizable meaning every box will be as unique as your pet. We’ll work with you to create the ultimate surprise box by factoring in your pet’s age, breed, weight and nature. No more second thoughts because we’ve got your pet covered from snout to paw! And to top it off, we promise to have it delivered every month at your door step.

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The Little pooch

INR 1,899 / month

Did you know that numerous chemicals and other substances included in dog grooming products, such as 2-Bromo-2- nitropropane-1,3-diol (a preservative), Benzyl alcohol (a preservative), and many more, can cause contact dermatitis by causing irritation or an allergic reaction in puppies?

Well, worry no more because we got you covered with The lil’ pooch box.

We meticulously choose each item and provide you with the finest, taking into account canine allergies. The Little Pooch Box has everything your pooch will need to get started on their adventure in the great wide world. Plus, by changing the contents every month, we keep you and your little pup interested!

The Little Pooch package is designed for pups aged 1-6 months and includes four to six exciting products that will cover all of your puppy's requirements.

This adorable package includes snacks, immunity boosters, and more!

Enough said, Let's save something for the surprise.

The Ultimate gift box

INR 2,999 / month

Your dog's birthday is approaching, and you want to reward him or her and show how much you appreciate their presence?

The Ultimate gift box adapts to meet your pet's needs! The box contains at least 5 gifts for your dog, all of which have been carefully chosen depending on your dog's breed, age, weight, and allergies (If any).

By scouting the market for the best things, we go above and beyond to make your pet special.

Everything your pet will drool over and go wild about is included in The Ultimate Gift box. Felica Box is custom-made for your dog, taking into account his breed, age, weight, and any dietary limitations he may have.

So, what’s stopping you from getting paw-some?

The Fido Box

INR 6,689 / month

Felica Boxes not only curates packages for your dog's personality, but they also create experiences around it!

The Fido Box is the ultimate pamper hamper, with four to six things ranging from high-end toys, all-natural goodies, and one- of-a-kind accessories to top-of-the-line grooming supplies

The Fido Box eases your pet's transition from puppy to maturity by being designed with full-grown canine requirements in mind.

If your pet has a special problem, please let us know and we'll speak with our onboard veterinarian before changing the box!

Getting The Fido Box for our furry pals is the “leash” we can do as parents.

For The Real Pets - Creating a healthy, standard and unique lifestyle for our Pets. Tell your dog we said,”Hi!”

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