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Doggy Care

Vaccination, Deworming, Regular health checkups, Blood profiles, Tick and Flea control

Pooch Illness

Stomach upset, Injuries, Obese, Inappetence, Pre & post surgery care, Weight loss, Bites

Travel/Fly buddy

Travel Care, Travel and health certificates, Fitness

Dog house

Boarding precautions, Tips and Necessary care


New puppycare & management, Feeding Schedule and habits, training supplements

Furry Care

Hair fall, Skin and Coat allergies

Clip and Dip

Grooming, Brush - Dental and bath care


Behavioural issues

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Frequently asked questions

What is Felica Care?

Felica Care is a service provided by the Felica team to profile your pet's requirements in detail. We recommend or compile the greatest products for your pet, keeping our furry companions' best interests in mind.

Every pet is unique, just like people. Although they are members of the same species, their needs and adaptations are somewhat different. Two dogs of the same breed, for example, may respond differently to various shampoos. One of them can be allergic to a certain meal, while the other would enjoy the same. One pet may appreciate a certain brand of pet food while another may be allergic to it.

That's where Felica's assistance comes in. We are a group of specialists and veterinarians dedicated to delivering better care for your pet. Because “we care”.

Our team is qualified to provide tailored recommendations according to your pets age, breed, weight, health issues, allergies. Our team can advise on pet behavioral issues, grooming issues, diet, diet changing exercise, activity levels, nutritional levels. Please note that in critical or emergency cases, visit your local vet immediately.

You'll get tailored solutions in 24 hours after we get your pet's information.

Even though we provide professional service and have a team of experts to give you premium service, our service in no way replaces the medical advice provided by your local veterinarian. If the issue is extremely serious, it's always beneficial to have a second viewpoint.

Currently we are providing tailored services to dogs, will cater to cat parents soon

For The Real Pets - Creating a healthy, standard and unique lifestyle for our Pets. Tell your dog we said,”Hi!”

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