Felica Natural Leather Rugby Ball Tug Dog Toy
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Whether your pup wants to play a rousing game of fetch or tug-of-war, this Natural Leather Rugby Ball Tug Dog Toy is made with you and your pup in mind. No toxic chemicals, artificial colouring, or simulated flavouring are used in the production process. The size of this toy makes it ideal for small & medium dogs, who love to retrieve and tug. Made with sturdy materials, stitched together, to be your pup's new favourite toy to retrieve and tug Why Playtime is Important: Dog’s love to spend time with their parents and the best way to spend time is to play together. Playtime is a core pillar of your dog's overall health and wellness. We recommend making time every day for interactive play between you and your dog. Playing together reinforces a special and positive bond you share with your furry friend and provides your dog with the vital stimulation and exercise they need. Our Leather Toy line is designed with interactive play in mind.

Felica Tip: Please supervise during playtime and remove if toy becomes a choking hazard


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