Pawsindia Brush Ball Teeth Cleaning Toy
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How about you get your dog's teeth cleaned while they play? A unique toy that makes teeth cleaning super easy and fun. The Brush Ball is a rubber ball with numerous soft bristles placed strategically to clean your dog's teeth. The Brush Ball is sure to make your dog run around making them smarter and happier. It is perfect for fetching practices and interactions with your dog. When your dog pushes the toy around or picks it up or even shakes it, this toy makes fun sounds keeping them engaged. The battery-less design is perfect to keep your furry friends occupied when you are not around. It is just the right toy your dog needs to keep them active and exercised while also maintaining their oral hygiene. You can bid goodbye to destructive behaviour as this toy will keep them mentally sound and physically active. Add some treats or a thin layer of peanut butter flavour on the bristles of the toy to prolong playing time. The treats locked inside the bristles will excite them more. The toy helps your dog release excess energy, reduce boredom, control and reduce destructive behaviour.


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