Protex PawZ SaniPaw Spray - 8 oz
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When dogs are adventuring outside, they get their paws in a lot of icky stuff. Fortunately, you now have two grime-fighting gadgets to keep nasty, dirty paws away from your home. SaniPaw Spray & Wipes include a sanitising chemical similar to that found in popular mouthwashes, which safely kills 99 percent of germs, virus, fungus, and odour on contact. It takes the street off your dog's feet!  All it takes is a quick spray or wipe after each walk. Solution is clear and odourless. Lickable, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free, it is safe to use around the eyes and ears. Packed with glycerin, aloe vera, and Vitamin E to keep paw pads moist and healthy on a daily basis.

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