Trixie Barney Blanket Fleece 150x100cm Taupe
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Taupe Fleece Blanket for Pets, 150 x 100 cm We have a big selection of cushions, beds, and blankets, as well as dog baskets and soft caves, for you and your dog to choose from, whether for a brief rest or a deep nap. Everything comes in a variety of forms, colours, sizes, and patterns. Every dog can select a favourite area to unwind and rest there. We have convenient travel blankets that can be rolled up tiny and take up minimal room when you go on tour. When your dog is on tour, such a blanket represents a tiny piece of home. It shields furniture from grime and pet hair. High washing temperature of 60°C destroys dust mites and better eliminates skin flakes and pollen, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

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For The Real Pets - Creating a healthy, standard and unique lifestyle for our Pets. Tell your dog we said,”Hi!”

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