FOFOS Catboy Tunnel Half Donu-Grey
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Fofos catboy tunnel half donut grey is an interactive cat tunnel with a sturdy steel frame and protective ends to ensure your cat’s safety. It has a collapsible structure that allows rolling and folding it into your car or suitcase making it convenient to travel with. 3 points of entry and exits are provided to allow your cat to come and go in different places freely in the tunnel. It can be placed indoors and provides an enclosure like a house for your cat to have lots of interactive fun while getting the right amount of exercise. This cat tunnel also includes two plush toys with US grade catnip powder inside to keep your cat engaged and active. This cat tunnel is recommended for cats of Persian and other breeds of all sizes.

What is Catnip: Catnip is a plant related to mint and contains an essential oil called nepetalactone that is known to cause euphoric, calming and relaxing effects on cats. Catnip in small doses is completely safe, non-addictive for your kitten as the effects last about 10 mins for most cats.


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