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Trixie Cat Shampoo is made with special care that revitalizes the coat and produces anti-tangling effects which helps in easy combing and brushing of fur. What's particularly great about this soothing shampoo is that it effectively cleans your kitty’s hair, leaving a silky, soft, shiny, and fresh smelling coat. It is safe to use on cats 6 weeks and older. Trixie Cat Shampoo helps build resilient and shiny hair and fur. It nourishes the skin, soothes itchiness caused due to presence of unsaturated fatty acids. It's effective for all types of hair coats and is gentle enough for even weekly use in cats who may need frequent bathing. It has a pleasant scent and is formulated with tear-free ingredients. This shampoo for cats can be used for frequent maintenance and to make regular brushing smoother because unkempt hair can easily become matted which may cause skin infections. Trixie Cat Shampoo is made with special care that revitalizes the coat.

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