FurrMeals Ready to Eat Wet Dog Food - Grain Free Chicken & Apple (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free) - 200g
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FurrMeals Grain Free Chicken & Apple is the perfect recipe for dogs and pups suffering from gain allergies and other inflammatory health issues. Grain Free Chicken & Apple Wet Dog Food Recipe provides a complete balance of nutrients to promote muscle growth, strengthen bones, improve mental abilities, build immunity, reduce allergies and maintain a healthy gut and fur in dogs.

FurrMeals Fresh Wet Dog Food is 100% Natural, vet-formulated, human grade, gluten-free, balanced and complete in accordance with AAFCO guidelines. Made with only fresh-natural ingredients and packed using latest thermal insulation technology, FurrMeals Fresh Dog Food is Ready-to-Serve. Just tear open the pack and pour directly into your doggy's bowl. Meals contain no preservatives, chemicals or additives. No refrigeration required. Stays fresh for 12 months.

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