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We are a team of dog enthusiasts and pet lovers with the vision to create an ethical ecosystem for pets and pet parents. Look no further once you are at Felica as we have gathered an outstanding selection of pet supplies ranging from tasty treats and toys to an All-In-One subscription box for your pet.

We believe in pampering our furry babies with products that satisfy them. All our products are tested for the best quality, and cherry picked to provide comfort and happiness. We make the picky pet parent's job easier by assembling the cream of the crop in pet supplies.

Our Co-founder, Kiran had always wished that his first best friend, ’Vicky’ would live longer, happier and healthier. Unfortunately, Vicky, a lovely Labrador whom he parented for three memorable years passed away nine years back due to a lack of immunity and other health issues. At the time there weren't many quality products available in the market. Additionally, pet awareness had not gained enough traction back then. Kiran carried the guilt around but he wanted no other pet parent to go through that same grief and trauma. For seven years now he is parenting another pet whom he renamed after his old pet Vicky.

Felica was thus built on the foundation of hope . Everyday, this hope to create a safe, fuss free space for pets and their parents is what drives us forward.

There are a lot of stores that do what we do. But what makes us different, you may ask. Just like our Co-founders, the rest of the company's crew believes in pet parenting and not owning. We understand that furry friends are people too with their own distinct personalities and our willingness to change the way people treat their animal companions alongside catering to their needs is why we are incomparable.

Here's wishing you have a lovely experience shopping from us!

Happy Parenting!

Meet our team


I am not a pet parent,but hanging out with a team of pet lovers is highly influencing.I am a tech enthusiast and am striving to make things easy for pets through apps.


I being a full time pet parent, don't see difference between my kid and my pet Vicky.Both of them are apple of my eye.


Pet a Dog and you'll find permanent job ❤️, My part-time is Marketing and Innovations. And oh yes, Bruno says Bow-wow (Hi Bruno!)

For The Real Pets - Creating a healthy, standard and unique lifestyle for our Pets. Tell your dog we said,”Hi!”

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